Tuesday, November 15, 2011

These are images of some new work. Monoprints and collage with transparent papers. A friend came to "play" in my studio a few weeks ago. I wanted to create some fresh, new pieces that were loose, fast and coming from a place of "non-attachment"-what a feat for an artist such as myself. I cut out 8"x8" squares of Italian drawing paper, and starting furiously painting /collaging, stamping, frisket etc.. I have created many many pieces, but as I remind myself, If I love a few ,that is a gift. I decided to incorporate the raven in all -"She knows" would be the title to these images. Also, I was in portland the other day and noticed some ginko trees. I collected many leaves and have been printing with them. OH, I doubt I would ever get tired of that shape. so the work evolves...ginkos and raven.

Friday, August 12, 2011

These images represent new work created for a one woman show at the Deertrees Theatre in Harrison Maine Summer of 2011. The title of the show is "Liminal" referring to a state of feeling in between. They are are mixed media pieces, monoprints with collograph and silkscreen along with transfer papers. I have enjoyed the process of collaging these pieces and the work continues to evolve as I prepare for new shows in the fall. This was a successful showing of work for me culminating in 7 sold prints. I love the dreamy, transparent feel of the monoprints using Akua inks which are soy based, non toxic inks.

Friday, April 1, 2011

new jewelry designs

I started making jewelry (again) as a fundraiser for a trip to China this April.

They are made out of mat board and covered with handmade as well as Japanese screen rpinted papers. All the "parts" are cold connected with gold or silver wire, all ear findings are gold filled or sterling silver. Very light weight and affordable- waerable art!