Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Designs of 2012 season.
Since Feb. of 2011, I have been monoprinting everyday using the Akua Inks. Many of the papers I am using to cover my books are handprinted designs (mostly) using natural forms placed  right on the plate. Vinca, Rhododendron, Ginkgo, Wild Ginger are to name a few of the flora - My husband owns Halls Pond Gardens ( http://www.hallspondgardens.blogspot.com/) so, I  am fortunate to have ample supply of plants from which to print with.

 I am moving  away fom commercial papers in  my bookmaking. With the use of monoprints, paste paper and  silkscreen , I have a lot  to choose from  of my own creations -and I reallly enjoy the process. Designer at heart. The books designs remain simple , most containing poetry inside.