Tuesday, November 15, 2011

These are images of some new work. Monoprints and collage with transparent papers. A friend came to "play" in my studio a few weeks ago. I wanted to create some fresh, new pieces that were loose, fast and coming from a place of "non-attachment"-what a feat for an artist such as myself. I cut out 8"x8" squares of Italian drawing paper, and starting furiously painting /collaging, stamping, frisket etc.. I have created many many pieces, but as I remind myself, If I love a few ,that is a gift. I decided to incorporate the raven in all -"She knows" would be the title to these images. Also, I was in portland the other day and noticed some ginko trees. I collected many leaves and have been printing with them. OH, I doubt I would ever get tired of that shape. so the work evolves...ginkos and raven.