Friday, May 20, 2016

In January 2016, I travled to Otavalo Ecudaor  to live and attend language  school through Ailola Quito spanish  school.
The school has two locations , one in Quito, the other in Otavalo. 
I had an amazing experience and really enjoyed my teacher,Elizabeth . 
The school was conveniently located in the small city of Otavalo
 and situated  down the street from where I was staying ( Hotel Riviera-Sucre).
 The staff were helpful in making recommendations for transportation and accommodation
 once leaving Otavalo for Quito. 
I learned a lot during my studies through the school  time and found the instructor very flexible with her time
 and willing to show me around the area as part of our study together . 
We split the time between classroom study and practicing conversation
 while traveling to beautiful spots outlying the city.
 Below are photos of my adventures. I would highly recommend the school 
as a rewarding part of any travel experience . 
Being a part of the school truly enhanced my experience in Ecuador
 as I had daily support in practicing  the language, 
was exposed to places I might not  find on my own.
 and general support with common traveler -type questions and challenges. I felt very supported !   


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

These 5"x7" cards are monoprints using geli plates and open acrylic paints. I am creating them to sell at the USM Book arts bazaar in Portland Maine Sunday April 10th . The proceeds will go to raise money for the Fundación Bolivar in Cuenca Ecuador. I plan to volunteer next January 2017 making art at a Girls Orphanage.

In January, I travled to Ecaudor and  Columbia to
explore the areas of Otavalo ( a small city in northern Ecuador and Medell√≠n ( large city in Columbia) . I traveled alone , studied spanish and hiked in Otavalo, then joined my daughter in Medellin for ten days. I    painted and journaled  everyday. Here are some excerpts from my sketch book . The colors, textures and shapes surrounding me all found their way into my journals both written and visual. I returned home inspired and committed to return .

When I returned from South America this January 2016, I began a series of monoprint  cards to sell in order to raise funds to purchase  Art supplies for a girl's orphanage in Ecuador. .

Last September( 2015)  I was commissioned to create a body of  art for a GIFT weekend in Austin Texas(  These "Goddesses" were inspired by my love of the work that Shematrix offers the world as well as for each woman showing up for the weekend. Creating the pieces was like a morning prayer, focusing on the women who would be present at the gathering . The pieces are 9"x14" and are mono prints/collage.